Monday, February 6, 2017


February 7, 2017
ONE YEAR!!!!  I can't believe it!  Today is my one year soberversary! I had to wait an extra day because last year was a leap year!  366 + bottles of wine that I did not drink!!!  Wow!

I never thought I could get to this point...never!  I went back and read my blog from start to this point.  It made me think of all of my "firsts" this past year.

My very first 2nd day AF,  my first Friday, my first weekend, my first time going out sober, my first summer, my first time being a sober wife and mother, my first vacation, my first time figuring out a problem without wine, my first time being fully present in a moment, my first birthday without wine, my first holiday season, my first time dealing with grief without a drink, my first argument, my first time making love without wine, my first time being a good friend, my first time liking myself, my first time dealing with my issues without wine, my first time being truly happy.

You can see there are both bad and good "firsts."  Of course these are the "firsts" that culminated after 10 + years of drinking!  I am so much happier.  I am so proud of myself, because, honestly, I never thought I could quit.  (I know, I'm being repetitive).

I started this journey because I wanted to lose weight...and that was my "google"...quitting wine and weight led me to an article by Julian Kirkman-Page, which led me to his book "I don't drink" which was my inspiration.  That book caused me to further google and I found Sobermummy...which I attribute to me sticking with it.  If her blog were a book...(and it will be soon!) it would be dog eared.  Her blog led me to many other blogs that really inspired me.  Mrs. D is going without, Un-Tipsy Teacher,  Ainsobriety just to name a few.  And many of the commenters helped me a lot as well!  NorthWoman 1996, GG, Ripleybelle, Angie, HabitDone....You have all inspired me and I wish I could give you each a huge hug.  (And just for the record, I didn't lose ANY weight....that is, until I changed my eating took me 7 months to do that and I am down 15 lbs.  But it was work!)

My life is so much better.  In addition to reading sober blogs, I also went to therapy.  That helped me immensely as well.  Another tool that helped me was "The Bubble Hour" Podcast.  I listened to it while driving in my car.  It was great!  Yet another tool, was reading books about drinking...both fiction and non fiction.  My favorite non fiction was "Kick the Drink Easily" by Jason Vale and "Mrs. D is Going without" by Lotta Dann.  Although completely different, they both helped me a lot!  My favorite fiction book was "Best kept secret" by Amy Hatvany.  Even though is is fiction, and not at all like my life, it struck a chord with me.  And another tool that was great was a private FB group for those in the process of quitting!  (Email me if you want the info.)  During the passing of my father, that group was a lifeline!

I've come a long way baby...and I couldn't have done it without you all!  Thank you so much for being my support and for letting me support you!  Who ever thought that blogging would bring something so wonderful to my life???

This was the year of "Soberat53" who is now 54 and sober!

(and just a sidebar....because I am no longer drinking while making dinner, I am Kicking butt at Jeopardy!  Previously, I was not!  Maybe all of those brain cells I killed while drinking are regenerating???  hahaha)

Sober at 53 (now 54)


  1. Yay!!! That was a terrific post, so great to read. Love all the firsts and all the tools you listed. Thank you for all your support as well! Congratulations!!

  2. congratulations on one year! That is a huge milestone! I hope 54 is another amazing year.


  3. Holy Moly!! One whole year. I'm so happy for you! I too loved all your sober firsts and tools you have used. I think you have to experience the good and the bad to fully grow in your sobriety. I think I will read back over my blog when I reach 1 year. I think I'd find it interesting to reflect a bit. Well Done!!!

    1. I started my journal Jan. 1 2016...and have re-read it numerous times, finding something useful, helpful, encouraging each time. So maybe you don't have to wait til the one-year mark....

  4. Happy Soberversary! You rock, girlfriend! Awesome - so thrilled for you! Great post - can I share it on my blog? Huge hugs xxx

  5. Love it, that is so awesome. 1 year is a massive achievement. Look at all the firsts too I love the first time liking myself and being truly happy!

    Also thank you for being the first person to comment on my blog back in April last year. Your support has meant a lot to me. Congratulations!!!!

  6. Congratulations on 1 year ! Amazing work.

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  8. Congrats! Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the End.

  9. WOO HOO!
    Happy Year!!
    What a wonderful achievement!
    Big Hugs and Happy Cake Dance!
    You have built in a good support system for yourself!
    Thank you for your support, as well!
    We're all in this together!
    The best thing I am learning about being sober, is that I turn around, and realize more gifts come to me as time passes!
    It's really fun!

  10. So, soooo pleased for you! And impressed! I have vivid recollect of some of your stressed posts last year, worrying about getting through this or that event w/o drinking. did it! Huge hurrahs!

    For you, it's improving at Jeopardy. Me...I love remembering what I read the night before. I used to have to be a 'groundhog' reader- over and over.


  11. I feel quite emotional for you (in a good way) and oh so envious that you got it, like truly got it the first time around. We all have different insights, opinions and eureka moments and this big old sharing forum we use is such a lifeline to so many. Blogging -who knew? Congratulations on such a great year and so many more wonderful years ahead for you. So very happy for you.