Saturday, May 7, 2016

Day 90 - Not me this time!

May 7, 2016
Day 90
Yesterday was my oldest child's graduation from college!  It was a beautiful day!  Lots of happy tears were shed (by me).  It was such a celebratory day.  And I wanted to celebrate...with wine!  Badly!  But...I had a few mocktails and made it thru the day!

That night we had a late dinner with one of my sons friends family.  I had only ever met the friend and never his family.  We had to wait a half an hour at the bar before our table was ready (and this was after a reservation that was made 2 months ago!). Again, I had a mocktail and an AF beer.  I was ok.  The mom asked me what I was drinking and I explained that I liked the taste of alcohol but I don't like how it makes me feel so I stick to AF drinks!  Of course she was drinking my wine!  Which I was trying hard not to longingly look at!

At dinner, the wine was flowing...I think they went through 5 bottles of red (only 2 out of 11 of us weren't and my daughter). Well, the mom of the friend drank too much and had to leave  before dinner was over!  She could barely stand up without wobbling!  One of her kids had to call her an Uber and take her back to her hotel!  In all fairness to her she didn't eat a lot at dinner. BUT...all I kept thinking was "IT'S NOT ME THIS TIME!"  I looked at this woman and saw the old me.  I feel badly for her because she's probably going to be embarrassed in the morning and she's going to have a hangover.  I don't judge her...I feel for her.  And I fell so happy that "IT'S NOT ME THIS TIME!"

And...its Day 90 for me!  Woohoo!!

Hoping you have a lot of "IT'S NOT ME THIS  TIME" days!

Sober st 53


  1. Congrats on 90 days! That's great. It's good to look at others and be thankful it's not us isn't it. Keeps the momentum going.

  2. Great story! 3 months for you!!! I love how you didn't judge the woman. That's another positive thing that sobriety has done for you. Kindness and tolerance for others.

  3. A great way to mark 90 days - in charge of the choices you make! Happy, happy for you!

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  5. Awesome post! Congrats on 90 days!!

  6. I know, I saw the old me in a person not too long ago myself.
    And I thought, that used to be me, too.
    I am so happy I quit drinking.
    90 days is a wonderful things.

  7. Congrats on day 90! I always feel sorry when I see my good friend after having a few too many. It wasn't that long since that was me and I am so grateful that it's not me anymore. A x