Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Day 80!! - Love yourself!!

April 27, 2016
Day 80!

I cannot believe that I am on Day 80 of a sober free life!!!  I really can't believe it!  I had never made it past a Day 1 before...EVER!  So, in honor of my Day 80 I am going to start doing some self-loving!  This is something NONE of us have while we are drinking!  Self-loathing is more like it!  But boy oh boy it feels AWESOME not waking up in the wee hours of the morning hating myself!!

I am loving myself today for having the courage and the will power to make it this far...and it hasn't been easy.  The good days are really good but the bad days are really bad!

I am going to love myself in that I am starting to learn how to deal with my emotions.  This is even harder work than quitting drinking in my opinion!

I am going to love myself for becoming a better mom, wife and friend in the last 80 days.  I am more present and am a good listener!  When I was drinking, it was all about me!

I will leave you with this quote by Dr. Steve Maraboli (I have no idea who he is, but I love the quote!)

LOVE YOURSELF enough to take the actions required for your happiness.
LOVE YOURSELF enough to cut yourself loose from the ties of the drama-filled past.
LOVE YOURSELF enough to move on!!!

Hoping you can love yourself today!  You deserve it!

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  1. Awesome!!
    I am so happy you are finding your self-love and compassion!
    No more regrets no more remorse because of drinking!

    1. Thank you! Having no regrets feels sooooo good! xo

  2. Happy HAPPY day 80!! Me too, disbelief that I've gotten where I have. Not sure I ever absolutely quit....past efforts were to 'cut back,' get some control...yadda. We (so many of us) know how successful (not!) that is. So how GOOD this new place feels.

    Coming back from an exhausting dog walk this aft (and it wasnt that far!), I thought...hmmm, this is where I'd usually be tantalizing myself with the thought of a drink. aint gonna happen, so why even bother thinking about it!

    Was a new step on the whole evolving mindset....

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    2. I wrote to you on the wrong post! I'm so happy for you! Your new mindset is good! How long have you been AF NW? xo

    3. Dry January, this year. Pretty much on a whim. Funny how that works, eh?

  3. What a beautifully positive outlook your have!!! I SO loved reading this! Congratulations on day 80 and for seeing the loveliness in all of this!

  4. Yes self loathing is right. Its nice to take care of yourself, it feels good. Love the quote